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Gambling Law In Malaysia

According to Malaysian law, gambling is illegal but the law doesn’t say anything when it comes to online casinos. It is because the laws were written years before the arrival of online gambling and the internet. The gambling laws of Malaysia are coded by three outlines i.e. Lotteries Act of 1952, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, Betting Act 1953, and Sharia Law.

But these laws don’t address online casinos and gambling or state that playing at such casinos is illegal. One exception is the Sharia Law which prohibits only Muslims from taking part in any type of gambling or betting activity.

Besides, enforcement of Malaysia law overlooks online betting activities because Malaysia is among the nations that favour their locals and allow them to enjoy online casino games. Thus, if you wish to test your luck with online betting within Malaysia, you can have fun.

AW8 is a trusted and secure online casino Malaysia that has a licence from PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). Therefore, players must not be worried about the security and safety of their financial and personal information.

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Use of Personal Data

AW8 website collects your personal data and uses it for the following purposes:

  • To make, update, and manage your casino account
  • To offer you services that you require
  • To get in touch and talk to you
  • To communicate with you about our new services and games
  • To monitor our services in terms of your data
  •  To define which games and services you are eligible for
  • To make sure that you are having your expected gaming environment
  •  To analyze the violation of the user agreement, policies, and rules
  • To solve issues regarding the use of services, deposits, withdrawals, and winnings

Cookies Information

Cookies are small portions of text that are delivered to your browser by the site you visit. This information enables the site to remember info regarding your visit. It will make it easier for you to visit the website again and make the website more personalized for you.

When you visit the AW8 casino website or involve in our content using your desktop computer or mobile device, we use cookies. Cookies are the tracking technologies to collect data automatically about you and your device. We collect this information for purposes given below:

  • To enhance the performance of services and website
  • To improve the navigation of players on the site
  • To personalize our experience on the AW8 site and its services
  • To analyze data for refining our services
  • To collect and manage stats regarding the use of our services
  • To offer the relevant content customized to your interests
  • To memorize your language choices
  • To improve the working of the website

We, or a third party on our behalf, may use one or all of these tracking technologies to collect information about you: strictly necessary tracking, storing tracking, performance tracking, functionality tracking, social media tracking, and marketing or advertising tracking technologies.

General Statement

It is prohibited to change or plagiarize the Acewin8 mobile app or any of its associated components. It is forbidden to change its trademark under any circumstances or conditions. 

For a user, it is unauthorized to try stealing the AW8 application source code. You can’t translate its mobile app into any other language or your own language.

The trademark, app, copyright, database, and any other related content is the right and property of the Acewin8 brand. In response, the casino is accountable for making its app more convenient and useful for its users.

The casino has the right to adjust or change its app. They also have the right to charge for services that are connected to it irrespective of whatever the reason is. Acewin8 will not let you pay money unless specified what you are paying money for.

Moreover, Acewin8 Live TV will keep and own the private data that they ask you while registering the site. This activity is required to offer its services to its customers. But it is solely your responsibility to make sure that your smartphone or any other device is safe that you have used to access the Acewin8 app.

Thus, it will be extremely risky to jailbreak your mobile device. This procedure will remove the website restrictions and limitations that are executed by the operating system of your mobile phone. The worst consequence can be viruses, malicious programs, and malfunction.

Data Security

AW8 ensures the safety and security of user information by using industry-standard controls and procedures which include:

  • Strong website encryption
  • Both external and internal audit tests
  • Authentication and access control
  • Intrusion prevention, firewalls, and secure network configuration

We take proper measures and cautions to safeguard users’ information. However, we are not accountable for the activities of others who gain illegal access to the site or abuse our services. We also take no assurance that they are prevented.

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